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Increase Fuel Savings
with NG1 TechFlo Exhaust

The NG1 TechFlo Exhaust is a cleantech exhaust system that is easily installed on any diesel engine.

Using an advanced application of fuel dynamics, the patented system has been proven to reduce engine load and back pressure and ultimately increase fuel savings averaging more than 10%. This exhaust system also cuts black soot emissions, improves torque and horsepower and even dampens the sound of the exhaust system.

The system does not negatively impact the user’s engine and makes a positive impact on the environment. Each NG1 TechFlo Exhaust system is manufactured in the U.S. using state-of-the-art laser manufacturing.

Product Features


    Our exhaust system draws heat and gases from the engine, lowering cylinder temperatures and allowing for a more thermally productive burn. The lowering of the cylinder temperature ultimately can add life to the engine


    Because the exhaust system draws heat from the engine while reducing back pressure, every detonation produces more torque and horsepower.


The internal design of the NG1 TechFlo Exhaust system features no moving parts, which means there’s no need to expend extra energy. It also acts similarly to an airplane wing, but instead of giving lift, it gives horizontal velocity along the pipe wall, increasing the velocity to maximize the system.


The initial investment of $2,889 reaches customer payback in 4-6 months. When installed on a Class 8 18-wheeler system, the customer can earn back $6,000 to $10,000 per truck per year in fuel savings. (That’s based on a $2.50/gallon fuel cost.) The majority of the top competitive fuel savings solutions only yield 3-5% savings.


NG1 TechFlo is the fastest way to decrease particulate matter (PM) in aftermarket trucks. By lowering the engine cylinder temperature, the exhaust system allows more air to enter the cylinder, which causes a more thermally productive burn and produces substantially less black soot PM. It eliminates 40,000 lbs. of carbon emissions per truck in a year.


The exhaust system’s unique design works like a silencer or noise compressor to help muffle the exhaust noise, reducing noise pollution by 8-10 decibels.

Easy Installation

The performance exhaust system can be easily installed at one of our installation centers across the country. The entire installation process takes approximately 90 minutes.

Take Advantage of Our Leasing Program

With the NG1 TechFlo Exhaust Leasing Program, the exhaust system begins to pay for itself upon installation. The lease terms are roughly $100 per month, and our testing has shown that the system delivers an average fuel cost savings of $150 – $200 per week. As a bonus, those lease payments are often tax deductible. For questions, contact Bill Reed, National Sales Manager.