New Test Data Confirms NG1 TechFlo Exhaust Significantly Increases Fuel Efficiency and Reduces Emissions

NG1 Technologies Optimistic About Changing the Face of Agricultural Emissions Globally

ATLANTA (May 9, 2016) – NG1 Technologies, a cleantech solutions company that provides advanced fuel savings in the transportation industry, released recent dynamometer testing that further proves the company’s claim of an average of 10 percent fuel savings, while validating its expansion to the agricultural sector. NG1 Technologies worked with Johnson Irrigation Engine Service in Kansas to perform the dynamometer testing on the company’s signature product, NG1 TechFlo Exhaust.

NG1 TechFlo Exhaust has proven fuel savings of an average of 10 percent on diesel engines and is currently fitted to be applied on Class 8 trucks. However, the recent dynamometer testing was performed on two natural gas irrigation pump motors, comparing a straight exhaust pipe and an NG1 TechFlo Exhaust pipe. The NG1 TechFlo Exhaust test results yielded seven to 10 percent more horsepower, while using seven to 10 percent less fuel. In addition, NG1 TechFlo Exhaust lowered the exhaust temperatures by 150 to 200 degrees due to increased flow, improving torque and extending engine life.

These test results point to agriculture as an increasingly viable market for NG1 Technologies. Natural gas and diesel engines and generators are used in the agriculture industry for a variety of crop production and management needs. During this testing, NG1 TechFlo Exhaust was mounted on a tractor and a generator and improved fuel usage by 1.5 gallon per hour and 1 gallon per hour respectively. In addition to fuel savings for agriculture companies, the improved engine performance helps reduce farming-produced emissions, which currently contribute to 10 percent of global emissions.

“We created NG1 TechFlo Exhaust with the intention of applying the technology to a number of industries, so it is an exciting time for our company to be able to test and prove our theories with such immediacy,” says Dustin Nord, Chief Technology Officer. “Our patented technology can benefit both farmers and the global community by improving engine performance, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. We look forward to exploring this application for the product and sharing its benefits with the industry.”


NG1 Technologies currently offers NG1 TechFlo Exhaust for Class 8 diesel trucks, with multiple installation centers across the U.S. The company’s leadership is exploring numerous applications of the technology and plans to introduce the fuel savings system to industries including agriculture, oil and gas and utilities.


About NG1 Technologies

NG1 Technologies, a cleantech solutions company, provides the transportation industry with some of the most advanced fuel savings, increased engine performance and reduced emission and sound pollution benefits on the market.  2014 recipient of the Clean Tech Open award, the company’s signature offering, the TechFlo Exhaust, is an aftermarket exhaust system with no moving parts that has been proven to provide an average of 10% fuel savings and is designed and manufactured in America. It uses an advanced application of fluid dynamics to enhance the efficiency of diesel engines to maximize fleet operations and costs. Future product lines include shipping delivery vans, agriculture, oil and gas, stationary and utilities.  Headquartered in Atlanta, the NG1 Technologies leadership is built on decades of knowledge and insight in transportation, mechanical engineering and manufacturing.  For more information on the company and its solutions, visit